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I am grateful you have taken the time and effort to look at my site.
I created this site as part of my E- College assignment with the hope to expand and improve my web skills.

After a long time, absent from the work force. I wish to thank SOLAS for their surport.
In giving me the opportunity to learn a new skill Coding with Dreamweaver at
E-College, who staff was very kind and understanding.

Over the past 40 years I have dabbled with the world of computers. In 1977 I started computer science at school. The London polytechnic who was also partners with my school surplyed the new exciting internet . Teaching Programming in basic along with some Fortran and the good old flowcharts.

I have always wanted to be a Web Developer. Making web sites with the hope to be independent working from home.

Thanks to SOLAS and E-College I’m on my way. I know there are more web skills needed to become an expert so I will be updating this site as new skill’s come on line.

I am based in Galway City, Ireland, egger to start programming.
please don’t hesitate to contact me


D i y . Icon Enjoying  electronics Arduino Projects Playing the Guitar Painting  Landscape


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